about Zsuzsi

I was 14 years old when I made my first jewelry pieces at my cousin's house where she had a jeweler's bench.  I knew then I wanted to be a goldsmith.  After high-school I applied to one of the best goldsmithing schools in Budapest-Hungary.  They selected five new students out of hundreds...I was one of them. After two years of intensive study, I was apprenticed  to Janos Gorej, who was one of the most sought after and finest jeweler in Europe.  I worked with him for two years, and I became a master goldsmith.  Shortly after that life sailed me over the ocean and landed in America.  I live in the Washington DC area and heard about the Torpedo Factory Art Center, where I got juried in 1993.  Started my own business , making one-of-a-kind and custom jewelry.  I feel really lucky that I can make a living doing what I love.  It has its ups and downs, sometime it's challenging to be an artist, business owner, single mom of a teenage son and living far away from my homeland and family.  But I made many new wonderful friends and customers over the years and they help me keep going.  I love my yoga community, I practice kundalini yoga.  I enjoy nature, sunshine, the ocean and everything Mother Earth has to offer, wish we would take better care of her.   I am amazed by stones and crystals, appreciate their power and history.  I like to work with them un-cut, showing their natural beauty.  My jewelry is simple, clever, always meticulously made, fun and comfortable to wear for any occasion.  -Enjoy-